16 7 / 2012

You don’t know what a rider is? Educate yourself. And yes, I am a celebrity. What a stupid thing to question. 

Anyways, I will be traveling around and visiting friends and families for a good part of the year and I want them to understand that NOTHING is more important that my absolute comfort at all times. Lucky for them, I have compiled a list that will help them reach that lofty goal (I am in my best “company mode” when properly caffeinated, full of fun snacks, slightly tipsy, and everyone is paying attention to me/laughing at everything I say). 

Emily’s Rider:

In the kitchen:

  • 8 cups of hot coffee mixed with one can sweetened condensed milk, to be mixed beforehand and stored in the fridge with a label clearly stating, “Emily’s Iced Coffee”
  • Half and half
  • The necessary equipment (including barista) to make a good latte, hot or iced 
  • Pitcher of freshly brewed, unsweetened iced tea
  • The following tea bags: decaffeinated green, caffeinated green, black pekoe, sleepy time with chamomile, yerba mate, Twinings earl grey, and any kind of English breakfast tea
  • 2 whole ruby red grapefruits
  • Box of ground flax seed packets 
  • Instant blueberry oatmeal
  • Frozen wild, organic blueberries
  • Package of nitrite free bacon
  • Can of fat free refried beans, any brand
  • Jar of spicy picante salsa
  • Colby jack cheese (shredded, but not the pre-shredded kind)
  • Yellow round tortilla chips
  • Peanut lover’s chex mix
  • Odwalla Superfood green juice
  • Fat-free Wishbone Italian dressing
  • Baby spinach/romaine salad mix, organic and pre-washed
  • Kraft cheddar cheese shreds
  • The following chopped fresh veggies: radishes, cucumbers, yellow bell pepper
  • Gluten free butter cake
  • The following kinds of beer, cold: IPA from a local brewery, Guiness Extra Stout, Coors Light
  • Vodka
  • Demi sec wine, any kind
  • 4 Natti 18 oz wine glasses
  • Cold pineapple juice
  • Large novelty coffee mug
  • Crushed ice
  • Reusable cold cup
  • A macbook charger in every room
  • An iPhone charger in every room
  • Hempz pomegranate lotion
  • All People and US Weekly magazines published within the year
  • Any magazine featuring Kate Middleton, Snoop Dogg, Kate Gosselin, Miley Cyrus, or Demi Lovato
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